Can-am Ryker 2020 (20 reg) 600cc


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For sale 20 plate Can-Am Ryker 600cc Trike with passenger seat. Jet black throughout. Low mileage – under 800 miles. Showroom condition. Genuine reason for sale. Buyer collects. Next MOT due 21/07/2023, Part service history, Black, 1 owner, £7,995

Vehicle registered: 15/07/2020

Extra Features

These are in addition to what this bike typically comes with as standard:

  • passenger seat


  1. swankirollex

    Hell yes I’d try those sleds they’re so fast on the snow and they slide like hell out there too I’d love to feel what they can do on the street

  2. oohahitsanrccar1913

    I want a ZRX someday!!

  3. thomascashill5636

    Exactly the info I was looking for here. Thank you sir!

  4. brayndyright

    Nice review! I’m brand new to bikes, thinking about getting this as my first one as I don’t really care about going fast, slow, long, short, off-road, etc. I just want to ride and have fun but.

  5. leoncopeyt49

    Very cool machines. I prefer 2 wheels so I can lane split and make progress but in a country/area with less traffic than UK I would have one in a heartbeat. What a blast!

  6. jmoore0927

    I love the ryker trike and if I had one I’d have two pannier boxes and a top box oh and I’d also have passenger seat available

  7. thegrinch8161

    I like the Ryker 900 with black panels and black wheels; because it looks like a race-inspired sport trike

  8. stinkylomax8917

    My dad and I wanna get a couple for ourselves. Don’t have any experience riding but I think these would be good ones for us being first timers

  9. samuelcoronel5898

    I own a Ryker 900 rally and have ridden in the rain many times with my feet forward and aimed for puddles and feet stayed totally dry!

  10. philspaces7213

    Getting the 900 rally soon. I can’t wait. These are way cheaper in america.

  11. kiwiryker7886

    I weigh just over 330lbs and I’m thinking about getting one of these to commute on an interstate for 120 miles a day. Will the 600 have enough power to do that? Thanks!

  12. pameladunkin1272

    The fuel efficiency of the CAN-AM Ryker 2020 (20 REG) 600CC may vary depending on riding conditions and rider behavior. On average, it offers a competitive fuel efficiency in the 600CC segment, allowing riders to enjoy longer rides without frequent refueling.

  13. tokyomopney

    love how you explain everything, definitely will consider that! The only thing is shipping to Australia is very expensive!!

  14. tamarahswangii

    I am looking at purchasing a Ryker and asked 2 different sales people at 2 different dealerships and neither knew about the fuel range function in Autonomy. Thank you for the great information. ”bigotrikemotors”

  15. bettysmith4527

    I wonder if they can be used year-round with winter tires.

  16. the1spyderryder093

    The Spyders have always had auto cancelling turn signals, even on the 2008 GS first year.

  17. jonlabbe983

    Yes, the CAN-AM Ryker 2020 (20 REG) 600CC is suitable for beginners. i attest to this point as from experience

  18. laura44

    Very Nice ride, can i have this brought to Poland?😉

  19. wilson2

    What’s the difference between the 2020 and the 2021?

    oh i think i just saw it on youtube ”just an actual fuel cap instead of the capless system”

  20. jamesglenn

    Neat little ride. I think I honestly prefer the engine/exhaust note of the twin over the triple.

  21. daniel09

    I personally thing triples sound better than twins because they’re smoother. Unless the twin’s got a 270° crank, which I don’t think the one in the video has. Sounds like my cb500f only at an unhealthy high rev.

  22. rollins

    The 600’s definitely a Thumper!! Looks like they have plenty of Torque down low but not as much up around the Top end like the 900 but I still wouldn’t mind one, just as Exhilirating & Cheaper!!

  23. nellycarrool

    What’s the top speed of the 600? wanna get this for my husband he has always wanted this bike

  24. urichbank

    The great things about CANAM is that they’re modular. Meaning that you can buy a base model and then add what you want for rider comfort. All model’s have that in one form or another 🙂.

  25. danisepartone

    You sir are one of the rare people/ salesmen that let the bike your riding do the talking and thank you for doing so.
    tested and trusted sales service great job ”bigotrikemotors”

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