2022 Ural Gear Up Red Sparrow Special Project


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2022 Ural Gear Up Red Sparrow Special Project


  • One Off

This is a unique one-off build created to inspire you to customize your steed. Ural is different from anything you see on the road, period. When you own one, you stand out. When you add your own creative touches to it – you express your taste, your ideas, your goofiness. It’s like child’s play. Sky is the limit. Can you think of a better blank slate?

For us it’s always been the kickstarter. For years, we’d have bikes coming through our shop, we’d do limited editions, special editions, brainstorm and create colors and paint schemes. And we’ve always had this laugh about the red kickstarter. How cool would it be to just have the kickstarter painted red. Fullstop. We finally did it. In 2020. We didn’t stop at the kickstarter, though.

Northwest Grey

This is a concept project originally thought up by our west coast team. In the middle of a very grey Northwest winter. In between the daily business of running the business we thought why not a bit of fun? So we began to play with accents. This is a 2020 Gear Up in custom Northwest Grey paint. Black powertrain. Protective body undercoating. Plus accent accessories package. And then we named it Sparrow. Red Sparrow.

Accent Package

We just played with our vision to give you some ideas. Everyone knows though: tastes differ. You can choose your own accents. Your own colors. Just use your imagination and the Cardinal Color Chart.

Sometimes, though, there isn’t enough time. For that – we’ve put together an Accent Package that can be purchased. You can install it yourself or you can have your dealer install it for you. You can request the color for your accent, too. It may be Red, Orange, Yellow, White. Your choice.

Features may include:

With Off-Road In Mind

  • Skid Plate.

Protect the underbelly.

  • Heidenau Tires

zerious Traction. Take the path many won’t dare.

Protective Undercoating


Polyurethane undercoating under the sidecar body and all 3 fenders. Painted in the body color.

  • GPR Exhaust 2-in-1 High Pipe

For Off-Road Use Only. High pipe is a must.

  • Handlebar Ball Mount.

Install navigation. Or entertainment. Or both.


  1. nnafraley5388

    I love it.

  2. georgeday5901

    Didn’t ural have a drive to the chair on some models ?

  3. daattrroonn

    Nice….except for the cylinder heads.

  4. lawrence54

    Wow what a great looking bike

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