2018 Ural Gear Up


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  • Pre-Owned
  • U228037
  • 2018
  • Ural
  • Gear Up
  • X8JMH0372JU228037
  • 5,086
  • Manual
  • 91 Octane, unleaded
  • 730 lbs
  • Available

Features may include:

Standard Accessories

  • LED Sidecar Fog Lights
  • Sidecar Power Outlet
  • Sidecar Tonneau Cover
  • Gas Tank w/ Built-In Storage
  • Jerry Can
  • Folding Utility Shovel
  • Luggage Rack
  • Universal Spare Wheel (Fits All 3 Positions)


  • Our bikes are happy cruising between 65 and 75 mph. Our 749cc engine combined with powerful low end torque is the perfect size to compliment the steering dynamics of our all steel sidecar.

Reverse Gear

  • In addition to a 4 speed transmission, every Ural comes with a mechanical reverse gear. Reverse can be engage by the foot pedal to the right of the rear brake.


  1. bobman7881

    Looks beautiful.

  2. dixiedog1179

    Great. Fonz.

  3. robmx2324

    Do you ever have Canadians purchase new Ural? I don’t think logistically it would be possible with taxes, duty, and licensing plus other issues.

  4. pellargh

    wow good looking ride, do you think the factory windshield work good at 60 mph as far as not giving the head wobble or killing the speed? Never the less cousin got his last week and its perfect i mean the bike lovely and functions in perfect

  5. jemuel

    Up to speed on the new speedometer 😂. Trust me its so good got mine two days ago this bike is one perfect luxury and the prices are good too .

  6. danny34

    Loving the color of this i mean its so unique and beautiful think i should be getting this for my dad. lovely bike

  7. keller46

    wow good looking ride, Love it, and i’ll like to have one in our garage .

  8. raymond

    Personally I love the Urals, i’ve had two so far and the one I own now is the gear up, its full injected and has some other upgrades its never broken down on me and runs like a champ… i mean i love them

  9. tayler22

    I live in Russia and my father rode such a motorcycle in the 80s and 90s. My mother was a passenger in the back seat, my sister and I were passengers in the side car when we were children. We made trips to the kindergarten and to the village to see my grandmother. This is nostalgia. Thanks for the safe delivery Bigotrikemotors.

  10. johny34

    it’s nice to see someone come out so real about the URAL! i mean you guys are doing amazing with the sales and quality. I just picked up a 16’ gear up and I can’t wait to take it out for the first time!.

  11. gregdv

    We ran into a couple on a 2010 Ural Gear Up while on the Imogene pass trail between Telluride and Ouray a few years ago. He had swapped the motor and put a BMW R100 motor on it, he did say he had to have a lot of custom work done to make it work. Didn’t say how much he spent but that it would have been cheaper to just modify a BMW R100 motorcycle for off road, Also mentioned that even though it was more reliable and had a lot more power that you still had to ride it like a stock Ural. Said it really shined climbing steep grades and running it back country with more ease that was the main benefit for him plus being a bit more reliable. I’m sure it wasn’t cheap. For me URAL motorcycles are great man like for real

  12. freddosacs

    Oh man, the more I do research on urals, the more I probably should buy one. i love it already. think i’m just gonna order one right now yeah.

  13. felixs88

    Best review. i too love the URAL and i just placed an order i mean this company is good. welcoming and understanding

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