Set the pace

At Bigo Trike Motors we theive on establishing the standard that other companies look to as a benchmark.

Customers are everything, Show them the love

We simply exist to serve our customers and to deliverr superior customer experiences. We're a service company first that happens to be selling Bikes.

be honest and open

When we say "Be Honest" we mean to stick to our vaoues, follow through on our commitments, and be willing to admit when we have fallen short of those expectations.

together we do it with passion, purpose and pride

Its our core belief that companies do not grow in and of themselves, but rayher people grow and bring companies along with them.

demonstrate leadership through serving others

We maximize our likelihood of achieving succes when we seek to serve others first.

be a sustainable business

It's important that at Bigo Trike Motors we consider the impact of our decisions in a financially, enviromentally and socially responsible way.

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