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Around every bend and at the end of every horizon, there’s a new luxury to discover about the trike motorcycle for sale and the 3 wheel motorcycles for sale in general. This ultimate touring vehicle, with its premium comfort and storage for two, won’t just get you there, it’ll keep you determined for more.

3 Wheel motorcycles; A LUXURY BEYOND COMPARE


Beautiful 3 wheel Trike Motorcycle for sale with our sales price includes home delivery. The Ryker’s controls are simple. Just roll on the throttle to go. Front and rear brakes are linked and work via a single footbrake. Naturally, when stability is guaranteed, safety increases. Fear of falling or dropping your bike is a non-issue with the Ryker. This machine is also incredibly easy to control, which will make new and hesitant learners gain confidence quickly so they can start having fun. CONNECT MORE..!

Money Back Guarantee

We offer 100% Refunds if the product sustains any mechanical faults within the period of guarantee.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipments for orders within 8 hours drive from our base point of sale for some of our motorcycles.


You need the right hands touching such beautiful piece of luxury. we have just the right technical team to respond to all your needs.

Be Bold, Be Daring

Trikes, Ural and 3 Wheelers

We have 2 types of 3 wheel motorcycle available for salee. The Trike and Ural Wheels. Experience the thrill of the open air on three wheels with a full-featured touring trike. 2022 Harley-Davidson Tri Glid 3 wheel trike machines are hugely fun, easy to ride, and very accessible.


A happy customer says

My motorcycle days started when I was young, admiring them from afar. When I met my husband, Dan We got a 3 wheeler from Bigo Motors, Loving life more 🙂
Marilyn Keller
Blossom into a New You!

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It’s one thing to make a choice, but if it’s because you are afraid, it’s your fear making the choice. Making the 3 Wheel motorcycle riding Dream Come True. Choose from a variety of models and brands and colors from our products list.

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